We help companies build a strong integrated IT environment to support business growth.

The DARQ Room is a development firm that specializes in the streamlining and connection of system processes, as well as the visualization of data through sleek dashboards.

Do you find your business:

  • Doesn’t understand the data it currently has, or the data it should be collecting
  • Has a number of disparate systems with contradicting information
  • Regularly spends hours producing reports
  • Relies on manual processes for repetitive, routine tasks
  • Is unsure of how to introduce technology that will optimize the organization

If so, we can help!
The DARQ Room specializes in four areas


We integrate any of your business inputs for a cohesive and consistent unit


We help you reduce time generating lengthy reports and conducting routine administrative tasks


We understand businesses and can talk to you about how to streamline your proceses


We use your business data to create easy to read dashboards, providing detailed information at a glance


There is an abundance of fantastic, focused software solutions on the market, each dealing with a niche very effectively. The average small business has 20+ software services (and that is not including non-subscription software!), all with their own sources of data.

What happens when you want to update a client contact number in these systems? A lot of the time, people will commit this change in EACH software service! As a business scales and adds more software services, this time will quickly start costing more and more.

Automated Reporting

Companies are collecting an ever-increasing amount of data whether they are aware of it or not. Every piece of software used throughout a business has a different story to tell. Combined with integrations, this story can provide a holistic view of the organization, all without requiring someone to construct complicated excel sheets or graphs. Those end of month reports have never been easier!

Data Consulting

There is growing excitement around stories like AI reporting, chat bots and all manner of cutting-edge tech. But a lot of companies do not have a plan for the preparation required to implement these amazing advancements.

The beginning of the journey needs to be getting an understanding of the data you are collecting, how you are collecting it and cleaning what is already there. As the saying goes: ‘Garbage in, garbage out’.


Charts, tables and all manner of info graphic elements can be a fantastic way for businesses to achieve oversight of key aspects of the organization. Knowing what type of infographic most effectively conveys a given concept can be a little tricky, especially when there are so many options for your data visualization needs. 

Working with us

A meeting with the relevant stakeholders in your company will allow us to determine what processes and systems are contributing to the issues the organization is experiencing.

We’ll provide a detailed scope of how we will assist you in resolving the problems, along with predicted delivery dates.

We know as systems are developed, new ideas and requirements will become apparent. We’ll regularly seek feedback to ensure our implementation continues to meet your needs.

The process isn’t over until your team is using the solution. Where appropriate, we will work with you to provide the training required to assimilate new processes into the organization.