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We’ll automate your client reporting in 30 days so you save money and run more efficiently – guaranteed.

data sources into the DARQ Room cube to a dashboard

The DARQ Room

The DARQ Room is a software development firm that specialises in streamlining and connecting system processes, as well as the visualisation of data through sleek dashboards.

We Help Your Business

  • Understand the data it currently has and the data it should be collecting
  • Integrate and align contradicting information from disparate systems
  • Minimise hours spent reproducing regular reports
  • Reduce the reliance on manual processes and repetitive routine tasks
  • Implement technology that will optimise the organisation

Working With Us

A meeting with the relevant stakeholders in your company will allow us to determine what processes and systems are contributing to the issues the organization is experiencing.
We’ll provide a detailed scope of how we will assist you in resolving the problems, along with predicted delivery dates.
We know as systems are developed, new ideas and requirements will become apparent. We’ll regularly seek feedback to ensure our implementation continues to meet your needs.
The process isn’t over until your team is using the solution. Where appropriate, we will work with you to provide the training required to assimilate new processes into the organisation.